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Active RAs 
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For knowing whether a Recruitment Agent (RA) is registered with this Ministry or not / whether the RA is active or not.Please follow these simple steps:-

1. Click here to visit our official website (This site is updated on daily basis.)

2. Click 2nd Button on left marked as "APPLY'

3. Click on the 4th (green) box against 'Applicant(Individual, PE or RA?):'

4. Select "RA" from the dropdown menu.

5. Click on the 5th Box (yellow) against 'Recruiting Agent:'. This shall drop down the list of RAs in
   alphabetic order.

6. Name of an RA appearing in the list means the RA is registered with the MOIA and, he is active RA.

7. Complete contact details of the RAs are available at under the head, "RA Information"

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